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World’s #1 Business Services Franchise

Become A Successful Business Growth Specialist and Take Control Of Your Future

ActionCOACH are renowned worldwide as one of the best franchise opportunities to deliver outstanding business results. ActionCOACH is the world’s number 1 business coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 offices in over 70 countries, 190 of these are based in the UK.

Join a rewarding opportunity…

ActionCOACH offers you the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing professions – business coaching. What you need to succeed is the will to be the best you can. As an Action Coach, you need to be able to give 100% to realise your potential.

That potential is decided by you as your objectives in being independent may be a better work-life balance or you may be striving to build a team so that you can build a legacy.

Training is a critical part of your success and you will never stop learning. Our client has a thorough induction in the UK to ensure that you can build your business by augmenting your own expertise with the ActionCOACH 3,500 proven success strategies.

As a business coach you will work with business owners, helping them in several areas including; teaching them how to increase their profits, develop powerful systems and how to build a strong team. The results are not only a more profitable and sustainable business, but also a dramatically improved life for your client, making it a fantastically rewarding and fulfilling experience for anyone who invests in the ActionCOACH franchise.

The basic entry level investment for an ActionCOACH franchise is £27k and on that if you meet their requirements, you can expect a six-figure income with our client’s guaranteed business model (ask about the Ts & Cs). Bank funding is available, and you may need as little as £10,000 of your own capital.

Why join ActionCOACH?

ActionCOACH currently has a growing team of over 190 business coaches in the UK – some have achieved turnovers in excess of £40K per month with 70% net operating profits! First class training with global, national and local support is provided and ActionCOACH will put you in touch with franchise partners who are at different levels of growth and success, to give you a transparent and balanced view of the business opportunity.

Other Key Factors:

  • Winner of the UK’s Best Mid-priced Franchise Award in 2014, 2015, and again in 2016, sponsored by RBS
  • One of only four franchises to achieve the 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award, five years running
  • You only need 5 customers to make it a profitable business and ActionCOACH will physically and financially help you get those clients via our exclusive client generation centre and marketing subsidy in the first 3 months
  • Guaranteed, highly-successful coaching system – ActionCOACH has helped hundreds of thousands of business owners improve their profit, operations, team, etc.
  • If you meet our requirements, a guaranteed income of £8,333 per month by month 7; ask us about Ts & Cs
  • Scalable business opportunity
  • First class training with global, national and local support every step of the way
  • Scalable business opportunity

The need for ActionCOACH

Have a think about local business owners you know… chances are they set up their business because they were an expert in that field. For example, most hairdressing businesses are owned by people who are great at cutting hair, but does that make the owner great at managing people, managing finances, sales, marketing, and systems? You’re right, probably not. That’s where ActionCOACH comes into play…

Whether it’s a fish and chip shop or a consultancy practice, there are only five ways the business can make more profit and ActionCOACH has developed dozens of strategies to grow each of those five ways… a model that you can learn about at an ActionCOACH Discovery Day.

Are you…

  • Seeking a new challenge
  • Missing out on important family times?
  • Had enough of “internal politics”?
  • Wasting your life commuting?
  • Wanting to take control of your career and future financial security?
  • Just know you could and should be achieving more for yourself and family with your skills and know-how?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above statements complete the contact form on the right and find out more.


“Sometimes you don’t realise how making one change in your life, like changing your career, can have such a profound impact on other areas of your life. When my daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia, I found that I had learned the mental skills to support my family through a really tough time and continue to run my business to support us financially too. The ActionCOACH toolkit helps us enormously with our clients on a day-to-day basis but I was surprised to see how it had transferred across so positively to my personal life.”

John Cottrell became an ActionCOACH franchise partner in December 2007 having spent over 7 years working all over the world for hba consulting and training teams to improve productivity in their businesses. John has many stories since he joined the world’s no. 1 business coaching firm but he has 3 main reasons why he chose to join ActionCOACH.

1. Serving your local community
2. A continual journey of learning
3. The ActionCOACH community creates success


“Although I’d come from a coaching culture in my corporate career, I wasn’t familiar with Business Coaching for SMEs and ActionCOACH really stood out for me. I really liked the idea of helping business owners achieve their dreams and so I expressed my interest on the feedback form at the end of the evening. ActionCOACH contacted me and the rest, as they say, is history!

I think that going into business is a brave step for anyone to take and the bravest of them all in my view are those that go into a fully independent business straight away. For me, the franchise model was an excellent stepping stone into my own business minimising what I perceived to be the bigger risk of ‘going it alone’. I’m still very much the master of my own destiny but I have a proven framework and a support structure in place to help me be successful.”

Alan Smith has been running his own ActionCOACH franchise in Edinburgh since April 2014. He had spent 18 years in the corporate world but decided he wanted to do something for himself. He attended a NatWest Franchise Seminar in Birmingham in October 2013 and it sparked his interest.

Alan had a positive experience with the seminar and it set him on the path to business ownership. All he needed was a little bit of expert knowledge and a push in the right direction!
Despite his initial fears, Alan is now running a successful business and is glad he took the leap. The seminar provided him with the information he needed and inspired him to make the journey into business ownership.


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