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BoConcept - Danish Furniture Retailer - High Quality

Investment Capital £75,000+
Estimated Gross Profit after 3 years >£150,000*

Tutor Doctor

Investment Capital £30,000
Estimated Gross Profit after 3 years >£150,000*

ActonCOACH #1 Franchise System in Business Coaching

Investment Capital £21,000
Estimated Gross Profit after 3 years >£150,000*


Investment Capital £50,000+
Estimated Gross Profit after 3 years >£200,000*

The Alternative Board

Investment Capital £20,000
Estimated Gross Profit after 3 years >£100,000*

Chemex Franchise

Investment Capital £25,000

Tax Assist Franchise

Investment Capital £36,950 + VAT
Estimated Turnover after 2 years >£150,000*

Institute of Microtraining

Investment Capital £29,000
Strong potential for significant earnings


Investment Capital £34,000
Great earning potential


Franchise Top 10

Franchise Top 10 supports high quality franchising and works exclusively with 10 franchise concepts that have been carefully selected and evaluated by our franchise experts. In assessing each concept we have looked at the value of the concept, the market potential for growth, the existing franchisee performance and importantly the internal recruitment processes and systems to make sure that your experience is first class.

This may be your first introduction to franchising and we have resources on this site to help you and understandably you will research other sites. Acquiring a franchise is a big decision and not one that is taken lightly so do your research carefully and find a concept that you can see yourself in 5 and 10 years’ time being happy and successful. We hope that you find our selection of interest and if you are interested in any of the systems complete the form and our respective client will make contact with you.

Our clients are there to help you evaluate what is right for you and for them so take them up on their offer to meet you in person as this is potentially the start of a long term relationship with them. They all have defined recruitment processes to guide you through to a conclusion – hopefully that means that you invest in a franchise and start your personal journey on building your own business.

The systems represent a mix of different industries. The list on this page is not a ranking. These are systems that you can use as a reference for the industry/sector before you make your final decision for a franchise system.

Assess a franchise

Franchise Checklist

So that you can systematically assess different franchise concepts, we have created a checklist. The checklist consists of all of the important questions you should ask franchisors and/or their franchisees before you finalise your decision to opt for a system.

See all of the questions in a compact summary.

* All financial information marked with * is based on estimates provided by each franchise system and is not a guarantee of performance offered by Franchise Top 10.

“Here are my Top 10 franchise systems”
James O’Brien, MD, Franchise Top 10