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Be part of the Sport4Kids revolution

Sport4Kids are offering a life changing business opportunity that could turn into a multi-million turnover sports business and to leave a legacy for themselves, their family and community.

Established in 2012 by founders Steven Jones and Dr. Mark Gould, Sport4Kids now have opportunities for prospective franchisees to adopt their successful system with opportunities now available across the UK. Sport4Kids provides innovative childrens sports programs direct to parents, through school and nurseries by a squad of sports entertainer coaches with advanced curriculum and player pathway books to monitor progress of the children. This is unique in the sports education and coaching industry.

S4K’s mission is to transform childrens sport and build the biggest brand in childrens sports and education, in the UK and worldwide.

For S4K the strategic difference for Franchisees is a wide and deep set of service lines aimed at providing multiple sources of income. S4K know that continued innovation is the key to keeping this set of products and services ahead of the competition. The product set covers a number of core sports such as Rugby, Football, Dance, Tennis and Golf and with OFSTED accreditation there is a comprehensive school curriculum across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 which forms the foundation of the schools’ partner program conducting PE Lessons and Afterschool and extra-curricular activity.

The Sport4Kids Leadership Team are committed to help franchisees become winners, to dominate their territory, become sports business champions and business empire owners. This is enabled through a High Performance Framework. S4K have a 3 stage training program split in to Training, Coaching and Consulting and provide ongoing professional support to help you further your business.

Our client can set you up with an investment from as little as £50,000 with a strong ROI expecting to achieve an income in excess of £300,000 in your third year.

Benefits of the System

  • A comprehensive business model – no uncertainty, guesswork or mistakes on setting up the business from launch to ongoing growth
  • An exclusive franchise territory that has significant market opportunity in terms of children, parents, venues, schools and nurseries
  • Comprehensive training programme – for business system management, growth and sales plans, brand development, marketing process, membership management, product and curriculum control, ensures full and immediate productivity
  • Exceptional and sustainable Gross Profit margins
  • Positive cash generative business model
  • Being a part of a dynamic Group whose philosophies and systems are committed to ensuring continuous improvement and the highest quality service and product possible
  • Advanced digital technology for automated operations and on-line passive income

The Role

  • To fully embrace the principles, benefits and business objectives of S4K
  • To build a growth focused business and to plan and execute all growth principles of the S4K business System
  • To invest and build a high quality coaching and management team capable of executing the S4K Brand and values
  • To market, sell and operate on only those products and services of S4K
  • To become the S4K face, voice and brand ambassador in the Franchise territory and to locally promote the brand and its business services at every possible opportunity


Request More Information

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