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Evaluation Criteria – Franchise Top 10

Why did we decide to focus on these franchise systems?

In the UK there are 930 franchise systems employing more than 561,000 people generating income of over £13Bn*. The expert team at Franchise Top 10 recommends just ten systems for you to consider.

What criteria did we consider in making this selection?

  • Franchisee Satisfaction
  • Discussions with current franchisees
  • Insight into the business and growth plans of the franchisor
  • Review of the market and scope for growth
  • Future prospects of the franchise system
  • Recruitment process and experience for the franchisee

The Franchise TOP 10 selection is not a ranking, but a selection of systems that we believe offer great prospects for individuals to build their future and achieve their dreams. We understand that in the research phase most people intensively search the internet to establish and identify systems which are appropriate to themselves and their needs. There are a multitude of sources and it can soon become overwhelming so we appreciate you starting here to simply see if our selections are suitable for you. Without obligation and without pressure please review and if any of our clients are of interest to you simply fill in the form and our client will forward more information to help you through the process.

The process for acquiring a franchise can be seen here in an article on our blog/news page but there are often just six steps:

1. Initial Enquiry
2. A ‘Get to Know You’ meeting
3. The Full Pitch – Discovery
4. The Business Plan – the financials
5. The Contract – the legals
6. Franchise Awarded – time to get started

This process can take as little as three weeks or as long as a year! What you must be sure of is that you have completed your due diligence and are confident and comfortable with the system that you have entrusted and committed your future to. Exciting times ahead!

You are most likely at the early stages of your journey in acquiring a franchise system and so it is important to know that franchisors have the experience to help you determine whether their system is the right one for you. It’s as important to them as it is to you to make sure you make the right decision as mistakes are costly for both sides. When you meet a franchisor make sure you get beneath the promotional material and ask searching questions about things like performance, their existing franchisees, their training and support to name a few. You must make the right decision but remember that indecision is not a decision. If it is right move to the next stage, if it doesn’t feel like something that you can get behind then withdraw from the system.

In the Franchise Top 10 choices, you can be sure that the franchisor’s we work with have a professional and thorough recruitment process. You will be dealt with courteously and they will help guide you to the right decision for you and for them – if that is together then excellent!

We have tried to give you simple easy to read information about the system so that there are no surprises, so this will normally be the cost of the franchise and/or the level of capital that you need to personally have available. Understanding what the ongoing costs to the franchisor is also important but you will find that most franchisors charge similar fees so rarely will that factor into your final decision about whether to choose one system over another. Choose the system that makes you feel excited about your future – normally this means a system where you are or can be passionate about what you will be doing in the future. You are going into business for yourself so make sure it’s something you can enjoy!

Of course, our selection is not exhaustive and there are other systems that could be mentioned here. In the Top 10 systems we share with you on this site you have at least the certainty that we have evaluated these systems are among the best systems in the franchise industry.

For evaluating franchise systems and preparing for meetings with franchisors, we recommend that you consult this checklist: